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The ECET2pgh sessions are in




These are the amazing sessions that will be offered this year at ECET2….

Finding Equity in My Classroom… Culturally Relevant for Whom?

{This session will run twice: Carrie, Katie and Portland then Rhonda, Michelle and Portland}

Are you meeting all of your students needs? In this session we will dispel the myth of popsicle sticks as being a culturally relevant tool. We will address the need to focus on the most disengaged students of color in your class. This not only helps eliminate racial achievement gaps, but it will also increase ALL students’ achievement.

This session will run twice: Carrie, Katie and Portland then Rhonda, Michelle and Portland}

Facilitators: Carrie Verdi, Katie Rosato, Portland Affilliate

Rhonda Threet, Michelle Jennings

Shifting to an Equitable Mindset {This session will run twice}

This session will focus on becoming more conscious of how your beliefs and backgrounds show up in the classroom and how it impacts your students of color. Tools will be discussed on how to address issues that perpetuate systemic racism in education.

Facilitators: Susan Loskoch, Jason Rivers, Affiliate from Portland

Teachers as Change Agents in Schools: The Pittsburgh Story

Is there a need in your school? Do you have the will, skill, passion and persistence to help make the shift to change or sustain your school’s culture? This session will focus on what Pittsburgh teachers are doing to change the culture in their schools and what you can do to help us become a district of first choice.

Facilitators: Donna Smith, Janice Motley

Student Engagement Everywhere Without a Drop to Spare

How do you know if students are truly engaged? What does student engagement look like? This session will highlight best practices for student engagement at every grade level. Explore strategies on how teachers can elicit intellectual thinking and use it to assess their students’ understanding that will ultimately drive their instruction.

Facilitators: Ronda Lauria, Faybonne Williams

Catching Up with Our Students: Engaging the 21st Century Student

It’s not one more thing to add to your teaching; it is just good teaching. In this session, we will explore ways in which infusing technology (no matter how much you have access to) into your classroom can help you differentiate instruction, formatively assess your class, and actively engage each of your students. We will discuss how the use of blogs, social networking, and online storage can help make you a more engaging teacher. Finally, we will explore how technology can elevate your own teaching practice using tools like social networking and The Learning Bridge.

*Presenters: Derek Long/Brice Hostutler /Jennie Canning

Using Multiple Measures-The Good, the Bad, and the Data

Teachers are inundated with data, but it’s what teachers do with this data that can make the difference in student achievement. Tripod, VAM, and RISE provide some of this data by which teachers are being evaluated. How can these tools help you become more effective? How can they drive instruction? Participants and presenters will share and discuss the best ways to make data “real” to kids and have a real impact on instruction.

*Presenters: Tiffany Francis/Jen Ernsthausen

Teacher Voices/Teacher Visions-The Purpose-Driven Profession

How do you problem solve? What is a problem in your school and how do you get around it? What steps do teachers have to take in order to turn their personal passion and purpose into a reality? Hear from teachers who have done just that…and be inspired by their stories. Participants will brainstorm what is going on in their buildings/communities/neighborhoods, name their constraints, and discuss ways to maneuver around those constraints in order to effect change.

*Presenters: Devin Browne/Hannah McCarthy/Dan Kliber/Jessica Zieremski

Building Trust and Breaking Barriers-

How can teachers leverage their peers to empower and grow their practice? This session will discuss various ideas that teachers are using to support each other. It includes building trust, using videos for reflection, and other forms of collaboration. These ideas can prevent teacher burn out and ultimately help teachers become more effective. Participants will engage in roundtable discussions that will allow them to discuss multiple ways to create a culture of collaboration between and amongst colleagues.

*Presenters: Kashif Henderson/Debbie Dankmeyer

Mentoring Networks: Creating Partners for Success-

How are teachers supported in your buildings? What scaffolding and professional development is provided to individual teachers around instruction and management? Presenters and participants will explore answers to these questions, describe what mentoring “looks like” in their respective schools, and brainstorm possibilities for networking with other teachers to grow practice.

*Presenters: Kellie Skweres/Connie Denio/Karen Gelston

Building REAL Relationships with Students-

Building strong relationships with students is something that all educators strive for. Student success depends on how comfortable they feel with you and in their environment. What are you doing that helps foster strong relationships with your students? This session will highlight teachers in the district who have managed to build relationships and create a nurturing environment for some of the districts’ neediest students. Participants will have an opportunity to engage in a few of the strategies these teachers use in their own classrooms and reflect on how these strategies might support them in their own work.

*Presenters: Sarah Ford/Leah Bienemann/Yarra Howze

“What Would This Look Like If Done Perfectly?”-Dr. Linda Lane

A Candid Conversation with Colleagues

(This session will run twice: Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.)

We have the power to drive this district. Do we have the inertia, time, attitude, or faith? These participant-centered sessions will allow teachers to reflect on the day’s “take-aways” and problem-solve issues that are topical and relevant to their students and their work. Participants will debrief on what they are willing to do to be positive change agents in their schools and for their students and how they can encourage others.

*Facilitators: Committee members


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